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Selection of Games

Below is a selection of games that were chosen to represent the games for a specific category (story file version, language, etc.), following a link will start an applet with that specific game. Please note note that at least a Java Runtime System 5 is needed to run the applet. The jar file on this web site is signed in order to enable saving to the user file system, so there will a need to confirm the certificate.

Note that except for the Zork trilogy, all games published by Infocom are still under copyright, which is owned by Activision at the moment.

Glulx Preview (New)

Glimmr I7 extension Demos (New)

Story file version 1

Story file version 2

Story file version 3

Story file version 4

All version 4 story files were created by Infocom, and Activision owns the copyright. I bought an old "Masterpieces" Collection to get my hands on these :-). However, you have to buy your own if you want to play these classics.

Story file version 5

German games

Swedish games (thanks to Fredrik Ramsberg for pointing me to that)

Story file version 6

Yeah, V6 support in a Java applet for the first time !

Story file version 7

Story file version 8

Inform 7 Story files

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